Elephant Journal: Healing Anxiety or a Broken Heart, the Tools are the Same

Elephant Journal anxiety

To read article on Elephant Journal, click here. – We are lying in savasana—corpse pose—legs splayed wide, arms flopped down, palms facing the sky, and I close my eyes. My friend is beside me; my yoga teacher has come to crouch at my head. “Do something for me,” Pete says, pausing with his hands on …

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Write What You Love #1

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The ask: Can you write about what you love? #1 Animal, Vegetable, Mineral… Planting I am in love with this crazy beautiful thing called life. This spring I started my first vegetable garden. I was lucky to have a planter box ready, full of loose earth and weeds that offered so little resistance. In my …

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It Was U

By Anonymous It was… more than a year after our devastating, drawn-out breakup. More than a year and a half from the time he had said, “I think we should take a break,” the words that began the slow, painful unraveling of our tumultuous relationship. Nine months or so into a much healthier, productive, loving …

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