Maybe you’re wondering what this is all about…

For me, this space represents a community, a really important one, that recognizes the inherent healing powers of saying some really personal things out loud. Embarrassed ones. Ashamed ones. Ones that, sometimes, seem to come from someone you don’t even know. It’s probably the most scary thing in the world, and yet when you do it, if you’re really really honest, it’s my experience that the world opens itself to you, that you realize you aren’t crazy, that you don’t just need a dose of antidepressants, that you aren’t really alone. Not even close.

As the poet Rilke once wrote in his 8th letter:

You must not be frightened when a sadness arises within you of such magnitude as you have never experienced,or when a restlessness overshadows all you do, like light and the shadow of clouds gliding over your hand. You must believe that something is happening to you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand. It shall not let you fall.

It’s my hope that we’ll help keep each other afloat, that you’ll honor the sanctity of this rather ethereal space, and that you’ll contribute here too. If you’d like to share some of your own experiences, please leave comments or send me a message at jeninedurland[at]gmail.

With love and real gratitude,

Jenine ‘j9′ Durland





  1. catherine siskron says:

    so…I love that the manifesto appeared somehow in the midst of your journey, or perhaps of our journey. Much of my life has been devoted to healing from childhood trauma, from violence, from difficult relationships. Right now I am searching for my voice. I admire you so much for being able to voice the ashamed and embarrassed parts of yourself. And I hope you leave plenty of room for the proud and joyful parts. They also need to speak. Love you and admire what you are doing…

    • Editor says:

      Thank you so much! I would love to read some of your writing. It seems to me that so much of what we consider dark or shameful is not such a big deal once we let it out into the open…at least I keep telling myself that :)

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